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Traineeship at Muttenz – visit from Prague

Tomáš Polívka stayed for one month in Muttenz for his studies in kinantropology

Name: Tomáš Polívka
Program of Study: Kinantropology
Institution: Charles University, Faculty of Physical Education and Sport, Prague
Stay: 15.8.2021–19.9.2021

Report from Tomáš 

I decided to do the internship because I wanted to learn more about my field of research (physical education and lifestyle). Switzerland is one of the most developed countries in Europe and I was lucky that my instructor had contacts in Basel. We started planning in winter 2020, and due to the circumstances (Covid-19), the internship has only just taken place. The organization of the internship, the communication with the School for Education of the University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland (FHNW) was quick and straightforward. I only needed proof of vaccination on arrival, otherwise everything went off without a hitch.

The stay in Basel was great in every respect. I travelled with my own car.  The first few days went smoothly, thanks to Professor Gramespacher. The consultations with the professor helped me to get an insight into the educational system in Switzerland, but also into the life of the society. During the internship, we worked on her project, which deals with movement and media. During my stay, I worked almost every day on my articles and on one of the professor's articles. The supervision and services by the School for Education of the FHNW was very high quality.

Since I did my internship as a freemover, I financed my stay with my own funds. Life in Basel is on a higher level than in Prague. The people here are more considerate, quieter and services are at a premium. I enjoyed my trips to the mountains very much. There would be plenty of ideas for more free time. I would rate the stay a 10, because I have no complaints about anything. And to other students, I would highly recommend a visit to the School of Education at FHNW.

I am happy about this experience. It has been very beneficial to me and I hope I have not visited the FHNW and Switzerland for the last time. Check out these opportunities in the future:

Nationaler Klassenaustausch


Experience of the host institution

Prof. Dr Elke Gramespacher:

For me as host, the international exchange with Tomáš Polívka from Charles University was very interesting. His questions about the primary school system and the higher education system in Switzerland were of course always shaped by his own perspective and socialisation - and as a doctoral student thus also by his academic specialisation. This change of perspective and the academic background led to exciting and sometimes new perspectives. During the exchange, ideas for my research projects and new cooperation opportunities also emerged in our discussions.

Another field was the exchange with regard to teaching at the Institute for Pre Primary/Primary Education (grades 1-3). As a host, I ‘opened doors’ and provided insights - and thus my Bachelor students could experience his specific interest as a doctoral student. In the joint and critical reflection of the concretely perceived teaching, new questions and horizons arose again.

Last, but not least, it was nice that the academic guest at the University of Teacher Education FHNW acquired more knowledge, gained experience and was able to go home enriched at the end of his academic stay of several weeks.

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