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A Comparison of the 2WIN Photorefractometer and Mohindra Retinoscopy in Children

The study is comparing the reading accuancy  of the 2WIN photorefractometer with a Mohindra retinoscopy.


Mohindra retinoscopy was performed on each child by one or both examiners who were unaware of the other’s result. All subjects were measured twice with the 2WIN photorefractometer not only to compare the two methods but also to investigate the 2WINs reliability.

Results: The analysis showed that the 2WIN overestimates myopia by a mean difference of 0.328D ±0.483 for the spherical equivalent. For the cylindrical components the mean difference was 0.191D ±0.317 in the 90°/180° meridian and -0.776D ±0.196 in the 45°/135° meridian.

Conclusion: The 2WIN performs well in children but there is a slight myopic overestimation. The hypothesis that the 2WIN cannot substitute Mohindra retinoscopy in terms of accuracy and information, because of its tendency to overestimate myopia and leave accommodation fluctuations undetected, was confirmed.


  • Execution: Seonaid Collins, Daniela Pree, BSc Optometrie
  • Coach: Prof. Michael Goldschmidt
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