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Focus International Market Strategies for SMEs

Strategic internationalization for Swiss small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs)

Focus “International Market Strategies for SME” at the Institute for Competitiveness and Communication (ICC) at the FHNW School of Business integrates the expertise related to the strategic internationalization of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) for attaining international competitiveness.

Tools, Services and Courses from the SME International Competitiveness Domain

Internationalization Canvas and Workshops

The “Value-Based SME Internationalization Canvas” and strategy workshops.

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Market Research and Strategy

Market research, product and marketing strategies, and strategy development workshops and support services for your global strategy.

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CAS International Management

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International markets are of central importance for the Swiss economy. Every second Swiss Frank is earned abroad. Swiss SMEs are dependent on their ability to take advantage of international opportunities and thereby grow their businesses. In the digital age the opportunities in international markets are of even more significance, as technology is not only making foreign markets more accessible, but also enabling international competitors to compete with Swiss firms in Switzerland and abroad. Today more than ever Swiss SME owners and managers need to think actively about their internationalization, to remain competitive and effectively respond to changing conditions in foreign markets, due to trends like digital transformation and increasing demands for sustainable products and services.

The International Market Strategies for SMEs team are driven international strategists with a passion for understanding the role of domestic Swiss and international market conditions faced by SME. The team integrates strategic and marketing knowledge about effective SME internationalization into both developed and emerging economies across diverse sectors.

Focus “International Market Strategies for SME” is part of the FHNW Institute for Competitiveness and Communication (ICC). Our work is grounded in cooperative collaboration with our partners to provide empirically supported insights on how SME can strategically take advantage of international market opportunities to increase the international competitiveness of their SME. We also represent an engaged sparring partner for SME owners and managers on issues around the internationalization and international competitiveness of their businesses.

Core Competences

Expertise in the internationalization and international competitiveness of SME.

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Everything about our projects in consulting, research, and contracted studies on internationalization, digital marketing, and product management.

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About our team and contact details.

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