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18.12.2020 | School of Business

New degree specialisations in the FHNW’s BSc Business Information Technology and BSc Wirtschaftsinformatik degree programmes

Digitalisation is an important topic for every company. Specialists and managers are needed in a wide range of disciplines today. The new specialisations meet these labour market needs.

The FHNW School of Business is introducing three new specialisations to the Bachelor of Science degree programmes Business Information Technology (in Basel and Brugg in English) and Wirtschaftsinformatik (in Olten in German) for students starting in autumn 2021, thus allowing them to focus more specifically on their interests and career fields they are pursuing.

The specialisation Software Engineering targets students who wish to support business processes with customised software solutions. They will gain an in-depth understanding of modern software development technologies and software architectures. At the same time, they will learn how to ensure these technologies operate efficiently and can be further developed in line with latest developments.

The specialisation Business Analytics addresses students with strong analytical skills. They specialise in examining large volumes of data and in recognising patterns with the help of artificial intelligence, for example while processing customer and market segments or evaluating social media data.

The third specialisation Digital Business Management targets students interested in management topics in the field of business information systems. This includes project management, consulting and leadership. Industry-specific digital business models (e.g. in the global pharmaceutical industry) and preparing for possible self-employment complete this profile.

With these new degree specialisations, the FHNW School of Business wishes to significantly contribute to reducing the skill shortage in the IT field.

Further information

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