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17.2.2022 | School of Business

“The Master’s programme deepened my understanding of management and leadership in an international context”

Nathanael Hausmann has made a stunning career: from an apprenticeship in Switzerland to becoming president of Läderach North America, having built and now leading an international retail subsidiary with 40 stores and 330 employees. One important puzzle piece in this inspiring story is Nathanael’s Master’s degree in International Management.

Nathanael, tell us a bit about yourself and how you came to study in the MSc International Management at FHNW.
Nathanael Hausmann: After completing a commercial apprenticeship I held various roles in sales, customer service, business development and leadership for large transportation and mobility companies in Switzerland as well as in the US.

At the same time, I studied at multiple universities abroad in South Korea, Taiwan as well as the US as part of my Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration – I earned all degrees extra occupational.

Having already worked and studied abroad for extended periods I decided to pursue an international career and therefore opted for a Master’s degree in International Management in 2014. At the time, the FHNW was one of the first Universities of Applied Sciences in Switzerland offering an attractive International Management Master’s degree in English with the option to study in a part-time model.


What highlights come to mind from your time studying at FHNW?
Next to the helpful faculty and teaching staff and an engaging syllabus, it was certainly connecting with many international students. About half the students in the programme came from abroad or had an international background.

A further highlight was my participation in a 3-week study tour in Brazil, where we visited many well-known local and international companies throughout the country while working on various topics concerning international management and leadership.

What impact has the MSc International Management had on your professional development?
The content, fellow students, faculty, and projects tremendously helped to deepen my understanding of management and leadership in an international context. These learnings and interactions are still of great use and support in my current role as president of Läderach North America with 40 stores and 330 employees.

What advice would you give to current and future students looking to launch a similarly successful international career?
They should seize the unique opportunity to meet and establish connections with international students and participate in international activities and overseas study trips. Next to a solid knowledge gain, the programme offers great opportunities to build your professional network and gain unique insights into the management and operations of international companies.

Also, whenever possible, go study or work in a foreign country. The personal and professional benefit is multiple times higher compared to just visiting another country because of the significantly deeper cultural involvement and understanding you will gain.

Master in International Management

The programme provides students the opportunity to pursue a career in a globalising world by developing a creative mindset through projects and research.

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