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Electrical Machines

Electrical and electromechanical energy converters like motors, generators, and transformers, play an important role in our energy supply system.

Especially with the current transition to electromobility, the efficiency of the overall system plays a major role. There is an additional demand for electrical energy on the generation side and the range of electric vehicles is an important issue.

With a well-equipped machine laboratory and the help of modern commercial and in-house developed calculation tools, it is possible to investigate and improve the overall efficiency of these energy conversion systems. For this purpose, modern methods such as the topic of digitization and machine learning are applied.

Focus Areas


  • Design of electrical machines
  • Electromagnetic computations
  • Losses and temperature field


  • Design optimization (overall and partial optimization)
  • Machine learning techniques


  • Parameter identification
  • Behaviour at grid disturbances and faults
  • Start-up and braking of rotating electrical machines

Special applications

  • Double-fed induction machines
  • Single-phase synchronous machines


Prof. Dr. Georg Traxler-Samek
Prof. Dr. Georg Traxler-Samek

Lecturer for Electric Power Systems

Telephone +41 56 202 76 49 (direct)