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Institute of Optometry

Applied research and services relating to vision

We are involved in the development and verification of diagnostic ocular and optical instrumentation technology. We also design, carry out and analyse clinical studies in the field of optometry.

Selected projects


The Institute of Optometry (FHNW) is involved in several projects for the development of intra-corneal lenses created by Neoptics.

to IcoLens

DCT lens

Development of a specialised contact lens with a built in pressure sensor for continuous determination of intraocular pressure.

to DCT lens

Fixation disparity

Improved compatibility and success rates of varifocal lenses.

to Fixation disparity

Aesthesiometer for measuring corneal sensitivity

Feasibility study for the development of an aesthesiometer.

to Aesthesiometer for measuring corneal sensitivity
Optometric clinic in Olten

Optometric clinic in Olten

Would you like to update your spectacles or contact lenses? Has your vision decreased or do you have ocular symptoms? Would you like to try contact lenses for the first time?

Optometric clinic in Olten

FHNW School of Engineering, Olten

FHNW University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland School of Engineering, Institute of Optometry Riggenbachstrasse 16 CH - 4600 Olten
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