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Mechanical component testing

With our excellently equipped testing laboratory, we perform static and dynamic material and component tests.

The extensive infrastructure covers:

Static testing systems

  •     Universal testing machine for static or monotonous loads up to 100 kN (Zwick GmbH)

Dynamic testing systems

  • Two servo-hydraulic testing machines for vibrating loads up to 100 kN in the temperature range -40°C to 250°C

Strain measurements

  • Various strain gauge measurement systems, including battery-powered systems for flexible use
  • Optical, non-contact stretch measurement (ARAMIS 3D motion and deformation sensor, GOM GmbH)

Vibration test systems

  • Electro-dynamic vibration testing system (S57315/LS-340, TIRA GmbH)

Material analysis

  • You can find further testing methods, such as hardness testing and microscopy, in the Materials Science section. More… Mehr…

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