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Multi-purpose functionalisation of non-woven materials by means of an e-grafting process

Researchers at the FHNW University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland are developing a non-woven material with an innovative combination of functions by means of an e-grafting process.



E-grafting, functional surfaces


Industrial production of non-woven materials with functional surfaces.


Based in Oberentfelden, Jakob Härdi AG produces non-woven materials for use in a variety of domains. Functionalised non-woven quilts that are easily wettable and have other interesting properties are in high demand for technical products. Possible applications areas include air-conditioning technology, incontinence products and outdoor equipment, for example.


The research team developed the durable functionalisation of non-woven materials via the electron-beam-induced grafting (e-grafting) of polymers. After the material is coated, the e-grafting process involves the creation of long-lasting bonds between the substrate material and the functional graft polymer. Thanks to a new generation of electron-beam emitters, it is also possible to modify surfaces on an industrial scale using electron beams.

Project information

Client Jakob Härdi AG
Implementation FHNW Institute of Polymer Nanotechnology
Funding Forschungsfonds Aargau (Aargau research fund)
Project team Sonja Neuhaus (management), Sebastian Wollmann