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Computer science

Competencies und Services


Data management, analytics, pipelines for astronomical instruments. Research on the dynamics of the Sun.

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Computer Graphics

Visual computing for architecture, serious gaming and information visualization.

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Data Analytics

Machine Learning, Natural language processing, data mining

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Design and Technology

UX design & development, human computer interaction HCI, information visualization and visual analytics, VR, AR & mixed reality.

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Fast Data

The integration of the physical with the virtual world generates an enormous volume of data. We derive knowledge from these data streams as quickly as possible.

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The Heliophysics research group studies the dynamics of the sun, especially in high-energy domains.

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Information Processing

Development of algorithms to generate information and knowledge optimally

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IT Engineering

Internet of Things systems place new demands on IT. We are proficient in the architectures, technologies and methods for developing such systems.

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IT Security

Data which is exchanged by Internet of Things applications is vulnerable to attack. We thus take relevant measures to protect the data effectively.

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Requirements Engineering

Methods, processes, and tools for fulfilling needs of individuals and organisations.

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