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Mechanical engineering

Competencies und Services

Additive Manufacturing

3D printing of metal and plastic components, including manufacturing-specific design.

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Centre for Casting

The FHNW Casting Centre is the scientific port of call for the casting sector.

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Polymer Chemistry and Analytics

We are experts in polymeric chemistry (thermoplastics, thermoset plastics and elastomers), chemical plastic modification and plastic-related analytics.

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Finite element simulations

Structural mechanics finite element simulations of components and assemblies.

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Fluid engineering

Assessment of fluid and gas flow by determining forces, pressures and speeds.

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Laser micro-machining

In the 3D field, we focus on microstructures, transparent materials, deep drilling and other applications.

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Materials science

Examination of materials and components regarding structure and composition, production process and operation.

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Measurement technology

Use of active/passive optical methods including spectroscopic laser measurement

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Mechanical component testing

With our excellently equipped testing laboratory, we perform static and dynamic material and component tests.

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Mechanical design in aerospace

Development of components and automated production processes for aerospace.

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Optical 3D measurement techniques

Scanning complex free-form surfaces with optical 3D measurement systems.

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Polymer Processing and Sustainability

We conceive product and procedure innovations and develop them until they are ready for the market, focussing in particular on high-performance polymers and ...

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Product development

We support our customers through the entire product development cycle with the process steps of design, simulation and production.

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Simulation methods

Thermomechanical simulations, computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and multiphysics calculations.

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Lightweight design and Composite Technologies

We answer questions regarding the mechanical behaviour of polymers and composites using a range of appropriate experimental and numerical methods.

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Thermal machines and energy systems

Combustion techniques, measurement technology and simulations (process calculation). The main focus is on turbomachinery and internal combustion engines.

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