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Resource Recovery and Recycling

The recovery of valuable resources becomes increasingly important in a circular economy. In this area, we investigate both new technologies and the legal and economic framework conditions required for their implementation.

One key area is the recovery of phosphorus from sewage sludge for later use, e.g. as fertiliser in agriculture. In Switzerland this is legally required. Also in industry, the recovery of precious metals, rare earth metals and other recyclable materials from waste and wastewater streams can be both ecologically and economically advantageous with the aid of efficient processes. Construction waste, such as old asphalt for example, accumulates in large quantities. With our technical know- how and the assessment of environmental impacts and pollutant risks, we contribute to safe recycling.


Gravit`eau Handwashing System

Handwashing system recycling water for emergencies.

to Gravit`eau Handwashing System


Innovative solutions in the process industry for next generation resource efficient water management.


LbL membrane modification for resource recovery

Layer-by-layer modification of membranes can render them suitable for phopshorous recovery.

to LbL membrane modification for resource recovery


Unterwegs zur nächsten Generation von Wassersystemen und -dienstleistungen für die Kreislaufwirtschaft.

to nextGen


Optimales Recycling von Ausbauasphalt auf verkehrsschwachen Strassen



Phosphorrückgewinnung aus dem Abwasser für Ihr Leben

to Phos4you


Weiterentwicklung der Alkalipyrolyse zur Abtrennung von Schwermetallen und Herstellung eines marktfähigen Phosphor-Kalidüngers aus Klärschlamm

to Pyrophos

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