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Novel model-based safety concept for hazardous continuous processes

8. Oktober 2022

Novel tool for process development

In cooperation with the company Fluitec AG as well as Schärer und Schläpfer AG the group of Prof. Dr. A. Zogg is currently developing a novel, model based safety concept for hazardous continuous processes: A first process model is derrived based on literature data as well as small scale differential scanning calorimetry measurements (DSC). In a second step the model is refined based on vapor liquid equilibrium data meausured within an explosion reactor. Finally the model is adjusted using the measurement data optained from the small scale continuous reaction calorimeter provieded by Fluitec (see Steinemann et al. and Moser et al.). This new model-based safety concept is applied to an ethoxylation reaction. The dynamic model is implemented from scratch using Maltab.

The project is funded by Innosuisse – Thank’s a lot!

FHNW-Team: This Zahnd, Benedikt Brönnimann and Christoph Hasler.

Schlagworte: continuous processes, ethoxylation, flow-chemistry, process modelling, process safety, reaction calorimetry, scale-up

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