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New Atomic Force Microscope

29. July 2019

The Nanolab is now equipped with the new Bruker MultiMode® HR8 AFM

Bruker MultiMode® HR8

The MultiMode® platform’s long history of success is based on its combination of superior resolution, performance, and unparalleled versatility and productivity. The MultiMode 8-HR atomic force microscope (AFM)  further advances these capabilities to provide significant improvements in imaging speed, resolution, and nanomechanical performance with higher speed PeakForce Tapping®, enhanced PeakForce QNM®, new FASTForce Volume, and exclusive Bruker probes technology.

The MultiMode®HR 8 is equipped with a range of new features, including:

PeakForce Tapping®: Higher PeakForce imaging speeds with no loss of performance on multiple sample types for imaging in air and fluid. Instantly correlated PeakForce QNM quantitative nanomechanical modulus and adhesion mapping and PeakForce Tapping electrical modes.

PeakForce QNM® provides: Highest resolution, fastest, quantitative nanomechanical mapping, extended to 4 kHz modulation frequency increasing PeakForce QNM imaging speeds by 2x Widest operating range for samples, from extremely oft materials (~1 kPa) to hard metals (100 GPa).

PeakForce KPFM™ and PeakForce TUNA™ enable: Quantitative work function maps with millivolt sensitivity at the 10-nanometer resolution level Conductivity maps even on soft and fragile samples not amenable to contact mode

The PeakForce-HR module provides up to 6x faster imaging in air compared to most conventional AFMs. Image optimization for consistent, expert-quality results for all AFM users.


Sina Saxer

Head of nanoLab


FHNW – School of Life Sciences
Hofackerstrasse 30
4132 Muttenz

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