Winner of the Nano Image Award 2021!

13. December 2021

Fragile worm skin

Scanning electron microscopy image of the skin (horny keratin scales) of slowworm (Anguis fragilis) found dead and dry in Oberwil BL (photo), Switzerland. Skin was cut and mounted on carbon tape and coated with 3nm gold/platin coating, Image was taken with a Zeiss Supra FE-SEM (10kV EHT, WD=5mm) SE2 detector at a magnification of 2’950 x and colorized with AdobePhotoshop2020 Vs21.2.4.

Picture was taken & modified by Massimo Trifone and Sina Saxer, NanoLab FHNW

Tags: Angus fragilis, Image, Image award, Scanning electron microscopy, Slow worm, Zeiss Supra FE-SEM

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