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International Campus at the FHNW School of Education

The International Programme focuses on competencies related to multiculturalism and multilingualism. It includes courses from the regular study programme and is open to students of the FHNW School of Education as well as to international exchange students.

Only 6 ECTS are mandatory for incoming students, but many courses taught in English (as well as in French, Italian, Spanish and German) are also available:

  • around 50 ECTS per semester taught in English,
  • 30 ECTS per semester in French,
  • 20 ECTS per semester in Italian,
  • 6 ECTS per semester taught in Spanish,
  • and many in German.

Mandatory Courses

 There are two mandatory general courses for incoming students :

  • Welcome Course: International Classroom and Global Education (4 ECTS)
  • Let’s Get Started! Collaborative and Intercultural Experience (2 ECTS)

Optional Courses

Optional general courses (1st term: HS / 2nd term: FS)

  • Didactic Concepts and Tools for Lesson Design in the Subject “Nature, Human and Society” (HS, 2 ECTS)
  • Computer Science 1: Explicative Programming for Elementary School Teachers (HS, 2 ECTS)
  • Growing Up Bilingual: Cognitive Advantages and Beyond (HS, 2 ECTS)
  • (Re)constructing Childhood and Youth (HS, 2 ECTS)
  • Visual and Material School Culture (HS, 2 ECTS)
  • Introduction to Classroom Action Research (FS, 2 ECTS)
  • The History of Mass Schooling (FS, 2 ECTS)
  • Bilingualism in childhood and early adolescence: Effects on Development and Education (FS, 2 ECTS)
  • Educational Processes Related to Sustainable Development (FS, 2 ECTS)

Optional courses in languages

  • Optional Courses in English Language and Didactics
  • Optional Courses in French Language and Didactics
  • Optional Courses in Italian Language and Didactics
  • Optional Courses in Spanish Language and Didactics

Course Overview

Web-based course catalogue

How to find...

  • in ‘Studiengang’, select > International Programme
  • in ‘Unterrichtssprache’, select the teaching language
  •  in ‘Standort’, select your desired location
  • in ‘Wochentag’, select your preferred day of the week

Course booking

Incoming students must book all courses via the Central Student Administration (ZSA).

Deadlines for autumn term

  • Nominations: May 31
  • Applications: June 15
  • Course booking: June 25

Deadlines for spring term

  • Nominations: Nov 30
  • Applications: Dec 15
  • Course booking: Dec 30

Further resources

Language courses are provided at the University of Basel Languages Center. The FHNW School of Education will cover the course costs there for (Swiss)German courses of the Incomings by reimbursement. Other language courses can be booked as well at own expense.

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