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Corona Cinema

Corona Cinema is an online platform that was launched by the Institute of Art during the difficult times of the Covid pandemic in the spring of 2020 for presenting new cinematic contributions, but also as a response to the then-prevalent situation, and in the sense of a new, long-term international project.

The Corona Cinema comprises two documentary clusters, one called Managing Life, the other Ocean Nature. The contributions to Managing Life focus on practices and stories of everyday life and the challenges it brings, as experienced by single individuals. They were created and produced mainly by students at the Institute of Art as well by a number of alumni and alumnae. Ocean Nature, the second cluster, comprises a series of newly commissioned works about the ocean produced by the TBA21 Academy. These commissioned works come in the form of films but do not represent video art as such. They are reflections on the human body and how we have to learn, in the absence of the ocean, to move like waves, to become one with the water, to breathe like fish, and to feel the way nature does.