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23.11.2021 | School of Business

A Workshop Canvas for Strategic International Competitiveness of Swiss SME

Swiss SMEs rely on seizing international opportunities to grow their business. In the digital age, the potential in international markets is of even greater importance, as technology not only facilitates access to foreign markets, but also enables international competitors to compete with Swiss companies at home and abroad.

Now more than ever, Swiss SME owners and managers need to think actively about their international competitiveness to ensure effective responses to changing conditions in foreign markets, created by trends such as digital transformation and the increasing demand for sustainable products and services.

A team of experts at the Institute for Competitiveness and Communication (ICC) at the FHNW School of Business supports SMEs with their international strategic decision-making, using up-to-date tools, developing courses, as well as through research and consultancy projects.


SME Internationalization Canvas for Strategy Workshops

To help SMEs identify international or global opportunities, the expert team has developed the «Value-Based SME Internationalization Canvas: Strategic Internationalization for SME» workshop canvas. The canvas is intended to guide SMEs through a strategy workshop process and ensure that a sound, capability and value-based internationalization strategy is developed that will support the development of a firm’s international competitiveness.

The workshop canvas is available for free as PDF versions:

The workshop canvas is also used in teaching in the International Management (MSc IM) master’s programme. For more information on this program, please visit the website of the MSc IM.

Please contact us for further information and questions on organizing workshops for your company.