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Master of Arts in Music Pedagogy

Nurturing independently-minded artist-educators

The aim of the Master of Arts in Music Pedagogy programme offered by the Academy of Music is to nurture and produce independently-minded artist-educators. Students learn to relate artistic and teaching practices in a meaningful and appropriate way. At the same time, the programme nurtures the students’ own musical practice and further development as an artist, while providing them with intensive hands-on educational training.



Training the instrument and singing teachers of tomorrow

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Musikpädagogik - Schulmusik II

Musik auf der Sekundarstufe II unterrichten (Masterstudiengang).

to Musikpädagogik - Schulmusik II

Musikpädagogik - Musik und Bewegung

Musik und Bewegung in verschiedenen Arbeitsfeldern

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Music theory MA

Training the music theorists of tomorrow

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