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Master of Arts in Music Pedagogy

Nurturing independently-minded artist-educators

The aim of the Master of Arts in Music Pedagogy programme offered by the Academy of Music is to nurture and produce independently-minded artist-educators. Students learn to relate artistic and teaching practices in a meaningful and appropriate way. At the same time, the programme nurtures the students’ own musical practice and further development as an artist, while providing them with intensive hands-on educational training.


Instrumental/Vocal Major

Training the instrument and singing teachers of tomorrow

to Instrumental/Vocal Major

Schulmusik II

Musik auf der Sekundarstufe II unterrichten (Masterstudiengang).

to Schulmusik II

Musik und Bewegung MA

Musik und Bewegung in verschiedenen Arbeitsfeldern

to Musik und Bewegung MA

Music theory MA

Training the music theorists of tomorrow

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