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Digital Innovation Lab

The Digital Innovation Lab at the FHNW School of Applied Psychology helps you design and future-proof your innovative products, services and work processes with a focus on people. We do this by combining psychological methods with digital tools.

Person-centred design for healthy employees and satisfied customers/users

The FHNW School of Applied Psychology specialises in researching people’s behaviour and experience in order to optimise their interactions at work and in daily life – dictated by current as well as future requirements – in what is an increasingly technological environment.

We have many years of experience in interdisciplinary and applied digitisation projects, from analysis to development and technical implementation.

The usability study and the symbol study were both hugely important to our commercial success. We were able to sell 200 machines with the new control panels without a single negative feedback on usability.

Marc Besson, CTO Rondo AG, Burgdorf

Ready for digital innovations

Digitisation and new technologies open doors to all kinds of opportunities for the economy and society. The Digital Innovation Lab helps you identify the best way of implementing the digital transformation and going your own way.

Our broad methodological and technological know-how enables you to test future scenarios right now by:

  • Designing future-proof user experience and product/service usability
  • Leveraging immersive technologies to effectuate physically complex objects and processes
  • Evaluating the potential of robots with social functions for interaction with humans

Areas of expertise

From evaluating websites to integrating social robots in a work context or designing virtual test environments – we can advise and support you in your digital project from idea to implementation.

User Experience and Usability

As experts in human-centred design, our laboratory supports you from user research and design prototyping to the evaluation of user experience and usability. ...

to User Experience and Usability

Virtual Technologies and Innovation

Simulations using virtual technologies enable a look into the future and help identify potentials for innovation. We help you conceive, design, test and ...

to Virtual Technologies and Innovation

Social Robotics

Robots and other technologies with social functions are increasingly finding their way into working and everyday life. By offering interaction through gestures ...

to Social Robotics

Collaboration modalities

The Digital Innovation Lab offers interdisciplinary competencies and stationary as well as mobile technologies (test and observation rooms, robots with social functions, 3D technology, eye tracking) to answer your questions surrounding digital innovations. The insights gained inform the future-oriented design of work, learning, products and services.

Interlinking applied research, teaching and exchange with partners in business and society enables us to independently generate and apply new knowledge. It means we always have our finger on the pulse of current developments.

We offer bespoke support for your innovation projects, be they short-term and narrowly defined or longer-term and complex:

Contact us!

Are you looking to realise a project? Or perhaps you would like more information about the Digital Innovation Lab at the FHNW School of Applied Psychology? So we can get to know each other, arrange a no-obligation consultation or write to us at: Milena Rutz, Knowledge and Technology Transfer Officer.


FHNW School of Applied Psychology

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