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User Experience & Usability

People are the focus of all phases of the development process of digital or physical products, services and processes. We provide you with support as you conduct your user research, define the usage requirements, prototype, and evaluate the user experience and usability.

Incorporating a range of stakeholders such as users, customers and experts in product development and service design ensures a high level of usability and an appropriate user experience (UX). UX and usability are essentially about how people behave when using something and what they experience before, during and after use. The behaviour and experience of people is a theme that runs all the way through psychology – hence it is our focus in development.

Our User Experience & Usability area of expertise (formerly Usability & User Experience Lab) works with you as you design and realise your own UX project – from websites, physical products and work systems to services, processes and public spaces.

Collaboration modalities

We offer bespoke support for your innovation projects, be they short-term and narrowly defined or longer-term and complex:

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Roger Burkhard