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Virtual Technologies and Innovation

Simulations using virtual technologies enable a look into the future and help identify potentials for innovation. We help you conceive, design, test and develop products and the public realm, and new technologies which you want to introduce into your company.

Virtual technologies such as virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality enable the simulation of innovative product ideas and physically complex things such as large machines, streetscapes or hard-to-access spaces. Virtual technologies merge real and virtual views while facilitating natural interactions. Combined with psychological expertise, new technologies allow intuitive, efficient, effective and at the same time inspiring innovations to emerge.

We advise and support you from conception to final implementation – selectively or throughout the process – and, if desired, carry out on- or off-site optimisation testing. This could be a new innovative product, a learning environment or a remote service. We will help you find a solution!

Collaboration modalities

We offer bespoke support for your innovation projects, be they short-term and narrowly defined or longer-term and complex:

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