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Virtual Technologies and Innovation Lab

Applied psychology for innovation with virtual technologies in work, cooperation, product and service design

Virtual technologies (from interactive videos to virtual reality) offer new possibilities for socio-technical analyses, evaluations and designs of modern work and cooperation models as well as products and services. Our virtual technology and innovation lab (VTI lab) will be used in teaching, research and development as well as providing services in a variety of different design and innovation fields and will focus on developing innovative solutions for real-life issues.


  • How can virtual and augmented reality be used to analyse, evaluate and design innovative products and solutions?
  • How can interactive hyper videos support creative learning and improve understanding of complex scientific and technological issues?
  • How can virtual technology be used to develop innovative solutions to improve safety in road, rail and air traffic?
  • How can virtual reality be used to develop and train companies?
  • How can virtual prototyping improve the socio-technological system in companies?
  • How can virtual and augmented reality improve customer experiences?


Dr. Oliver Christ

to Dr. Oliver Christ

Prof. Dr. Dorothea Schaffner

to Prof. Dr. Dorothea Schaffner

Prof. Dr. Carmen Zahn

to Prof. Dr. Carmen Zahn
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