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Structuring of surfaces

We have expertise covering the entire value chain of micro and nano-structures in the plastics sector.

We use micro and nano-structures to give plastics a function without modifying the composition of the respective plastics. To do this, we develop tools and processes to mould functional structures and use these in applied research projects.

Moulding with functional micro and nano-structures

The Institute of Polymer Nanotechnology represents the entire value chain of micro and nano-structures: from structure generation to the development of tools and process technologies right through to replication and application development.

To structure plastic surfaces, a range of industry-relevant replication processes are used; these processes are being further developed on a continuous basis in the context of ongoing projects.


Application areas of surface topographies on the micro and nanometre scale

  • Life sciences (microfluidics platforms, point-of-care diagnostics, sterilisation, implants)
  • Optics/photonics (backlit displays, LED extraction, diffractive optical elements)
  • Security features (complex SecureID applications, 3D engraving)
  • Functional surfaces (surface feel, friction and wear)


Prof. Dr. Per Magnus Kristiansen Head of FHWN Institute of Polymer Nanotechnology
Telephone : +41 56 202 73 86 (direct)
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