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Bachelor of Arts in Music

A meaningful learning experience delivered by exceptional teachers

The Bachelor of Arts in Music programme at the Basel Academy of Music provides students with a broad-based musical and artistic education coupled with extensive practical training. The main focus of the programme is on enhancing students’ instrumental/vocal proficiency. To this end, students will hone their technical skills, acquire a stylistically broad repertoire and build on their forms of artistic expression. A Bachelor of Arts in Music prepares students for further study at Master’s level which leads to a professional qualification.



Undergraduate musical and artistic education

to Instrument/Voice

Schulmusik I

Schulmusik in Kombination mit einem weiteren Schulfach unterrichten

to Schulmusik I

Schulmusik II

Musikunterricht auf der Sekundarstufe II erteilen

to Schulmusik II

Audio design

Acquiring the fundamentals of audio design

to Audio design


Training the professional composers of tomorrow

to Composition

Music Theory Major

Training the professional music theorists of tomorrow

to Music Theory Major