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About us

The FHNW Academy of Art and Design (HGK) at Dreispitz in Basel offers a creative environment for education, research, continuing education, outreach as well as services in the fields of art and design.


Prof. Dr. Claudia Perren

Direktorin der Hochschule für Gestaltung und Kunst FHNW

to Prof. Dr. Claudia Perren

Advisory Board

Renowned personalities from the working world of arts and design form the Advisory Board of the HGK FHNW. The advisory board accompanies and advises us with their specialist and practical expertise in all matters of higher education development. With its outside perspective, the advisory board supports our quality and continuing development.


Julia Müller


to Julia Müller

Dr. Mario Klinger

Leiter Stab; Hochschulentwicklung

to Dr. Mario Klinger

Prof. Kurt Zihlmann

Fachstelle Lehre; Dozent BA Mode-Design

to Prof. Kurt Zihlmann

Dr. Linda Ludwig

Fachstelle Forschung

to Dr. Linda Ludwig

Seline Reinhardt

Fachstelle Qualitätsmanagement

to Seline Reinhardt

Simone Marie

Wissenschaftliche Assistentin Stab; Mitarbeiterin International Office

to Simone Marie

Dr. Linda Ludwig

Fachstelle Forschung

to Dr. Linda Ludwig


Rhea Kyvelos

Leiterin Kommunikation HGK

to Rhea Kyvelos

Benedict Dackweiler

Mitarbeiter Kommunikation / Content-Manager

to Benedict Dackweiler

Jenni Schmitt

Projektleiterin CIVIC

to Jenni Schmitt

Matylda Krzykowski

Künstlerische Leiterin CIVIC

to Matylda Krzykowski

Benedikt Elmaleh

Mitarbeiter Kommunikation / Sachbearbeitung

to Benedikt Elmaleh

Elena Ringgenberg

Mitarbeiterin Kommunikation / Sachbearbeitung

to Elena Ringgenberg

Werner Hoppe

Mitarbeiter Kommunikation

to Werner Hoppe


Nicola Di Siro

Leiter Services HGK

to Nicola Di Siro

Vanessa Rühl

Mitarbeiterin Controlling

to Vanessa Rühl

Lars Bühler


to Lars Bühler

Evelyne Christen


to Evelyne Christen

Anna Koslowski

Mitarbeiterin Studierendenadministration

to Anna Koslowski

Carine Sommer

Mitarbeiterin Studierendenadministration

to Carine Sommer

Sarah Christine Suter

Mitarbeiterin Studierendenadministration

to Sarah Christine Suter

Luise Werlen

Leiterin Studierendenadministration

to Luise Werlen

Magdalena Zverev

Mitarbeiterin Studierendenadministration

to Magdalena Zverev

Jeanne Jucker

Mitarbeiterin Studierendenadministration

to Jeanne Jucker


Sean Ledwinka

Leiter IT

to Sean Ledwinka

Ruedi Diriwächter

IT System Spezialist

to Ruedi Diriwächter

Natalie Frei

IT Supporterin

to Natalie Frei

Silvan Hahn


to Silvan Hahn

Daniel Schluchter

IT Servicedesk Koordinator

to Daniel Schluchter

Loris Schwärzler

IT System Spezialist

to Loris Schwärzler

Graziano von Allmen


to Graziano von Allmen


Christina Felle

Leiterin Campus HGK

to Christina Felle

Suresh Surenthiran

Leiter Medieninfrastruktur

to Suresh Surenthiran

Lovis Dalla Libera

Mitarbeiter Medieninfrastruktur

to Lovis Dalla Libera

Marco Mastrogiacomo

Mitarbeiter Medieninfrastruktur und Raumbuchung

to Marco Mastrogiacomo

Dr. Tabea Lurk

Leiterin Mediathek

to Dr. Tabea Lurk

Enver Pajaziti

Leiter Facility Management / Sicherheitsbeauftragter SiBe

to Enver Pajaziti

Mischa Frech

Fachperson Information - Dokumentation

to Mischa Frech

Thomas Fröhlich

Mitarbeiter Facility Management

to Thomas Fröhlich

Sascha Ghilardi

Mitarbeiter Facility Management / Instandhaltungsfachperson EFZ / Sicherheitsbeauftragter SiBe

to Sascha Ghilardi

Benjamin Kossmann

Leiter Campus.Werkstätten

to Benjamin Kossmann

Christoph Krimbacher

Mitarbeiter Facility Management / Betriebselektriker EFZ

to Christoph Krimbacher

Stefanie Rohrer

Leiterin Events

to Stefanie Rohrer

Françoise Payot

Leiterin Empfang, Mitarbeiterin Events,  Praktikumsbetreuung Mode-Design

to Françoise Payot

Anita Mucolli

Mitarbeiterin Empfang

to Anita Mucolli

Katharina Kemmerling

Mitarbeiterin Events, Empfang, Medien.Werkstatt

to Katharina Kemmerling

Jodok Wehrli

Mitarbeiter Empfang

to Jodok Wehrli

You can find more staff members of the Campus.Werkstätten on the Campus.Werkstätten page.


The Academy of Art and Design has five institutes. These are responsible for the Bachelor's and Master's degree programmes.
The institutes are headed by the following persons:

Prof. Werner Baumhakl

Institutsleiter ICDP / Studiengangleiter BA Industrial Design / Industriedesign

to Prof. Werner Baumhakl

Prof. Matthias Böttger

Institutsleiter IXDM / Studiengangleiter BA Prozessgestaltung

to Prof. Matthias Böttger

Prof. Dr. Dorothée King

Institutsleiterin IADE / Studiengangleiterin BA Vermittlung von Kunst und Design

to Prof. Dr. Dorothée King

Prof. Chus Martínez

Institutsleiterin IAGN / Studiengangleiterin BA Bildende Kunst

to Prof. Chus Martínez

Prof. Michael Renner

Institutsleiter IDCE / Leiter MA Digital Communication Environments

to Prof. Michael Renner

You can find the staff members of the individual institutes on the institute pages.


MOM is the representative staff body at the FHNW Academy. Participation has been governed by the FHNW collective labour agreement (GAV) since 1 January 2007. 

The purpose of the FHNW Academy Participatory Commission (GAV A4.5 Abs.4) is to represent staff interests at the Academy level (GAV A4.2) and become involved in the running of current operations (GAV A4.9) according to the respective areas of participation and participatory rights (GAV A4.3 Abs. 3). 

The FHNW Academy Participatory Commission is made up of ten members representing the various staff categories. It includes lecturers, research associates, as well technical and administrative staff members from of the Academy’s institutes, in consideration of appropriate gender representation.

Laura Pregger  (Co-chairperson ad interim)
Simon Mader (Co-chairperson ad interim)

Student Body

The HGK Student Body represents the interests of the students. In case of questions and problems it addresses the appropriate contact person. It promotes the exchange of ideas and opinions between students at various institutes, supports student projects, communicates with the teaching staff and directorate, and seeks representation in selected committees at the Academy.

Director: Naomin Sempach


Alumni HGKx

The independent association of FHNW Academy of Art and Design alumni was established at the end of 2012. Its purpose is to provide an active network of former graduates from all the Academy’s institutes, to share skills and knowledge, to exchange opinions and experiences, and to develop synergies. The members of HGKx organize events and, on request, help to find former graduates who are willing to provide advice on study matters or professional perspectives and opportunities.

Diversity and equality

The University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland FHNW and the Academy of Art and Design recognize and endorse with their diversity policy the rich cultural and social backgrounds of their students and staff members and promote the awareness of diversity as a potential and resource. The principles of diversity and equality find clear expression at the federal level, in university law, in the FHNW treaty, as well as in numerous strategic papers and documents. The existence of a central staff unit and part-time equal opportunities officers at each university underpin the significance of the principle of diversity and equality.

Martina Siegwolf

Dozentin für Kunstvermittlung; Diversity-Beauftragte HGK

to Martina Siegwolf

Job vacancies

Here you can access the FHNW job portal.

Dreispitz Basel

FHNW University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland Academy of Art and Design Freilager-Platz 1 4142 Münchenstein near Basel