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Open Creation

Music creation and performance that transcend the boundaries of conventional artistic disciplines.

Key data

Master of Arts FHNW in Spezialisierter Musikalischer Performance, Open Creation
ECTS points
Start of semester
Beginning of September
Studying mode
Full time
4 semesters
Teaching language
Campus Musik-Akademie Basel
Stay abroad
Possible, not curricular
Application fee
200 CHF
Semester fee
700 CHF (CH) | 1000 CHF (EU/EFTA) | 1250 CHF (Not-EU/Not-EFTA) More Fees


You may apply between 15th December and 15th February.

The Open Creation Major is aimed at students who want to apply their creative talents in more than one discipline (e.g. composer-performer-improviser). It provides them with a platform where they have the possibility of designing a custom curriculum that fully reflects their artistic intentions. The highly modular nature of the programme allows students to choose, in consultation with their tutors, when and how they wish to take the four core elements of the curriculum – improvisation, composition, contemporary performance and open art formats (electronics, media composition, sound art, open performance, installation, sonic art, etc.) – over the programme's four semesters. Artistic practice, independent study and collaborative learning are central to this flexible and customisable Master's programme.


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