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Master of Arts in Musical Performance – Jazz Producing/Performance

Jazz Producing/Performance is offered with three majors: Performance (instrumental/vocal) or Composition or Music Production

Key data

Master of Arts FHNW in Musical Performance, Jazz Producing/Performance
ECTS points
Start of semester
Beginning of September
Studying mode
Full time
4 semesters
Teaching language
German, English
Campus Musik-Akademie Basel
Application fee
200 CHF
Semester fee
700 CHF (CH) | 1000 CHF (EU/EFTA) | 1250 CHF (Not-EU/Not-EFTA) More Fees


The application for a Master's degree programme beginning in the fall semester 2024/25 is open until February 15, 2024.

Modern technologies have become an unavoidable presence in the world of professional music and increasingly taking an important role in the creative process. For many Jazz musicians, the boundaries between composition and improvisation have always been interconnected. In addition, the fusion of acoustic/electronic instrumentation and the artistic process leads directly to music production. As a result, a varied combination of skills have become an essential requirement for the professional musician in the field of jazz and key to a successful career.

The core subject of this unique MA program combines three areas, individually weighted and combined according to the focus and objectives of each student:

  • Performance
  • Composition
  • Music Production

One of these areas has be chosen as major while the other become combined subjects (minor), whose content-related competencies intertwine and broaden the artistic education. This concept provides students with a thorough musical education and opens up new approaches and pathways for their development as a professional artist.

A stimulating environment that provided me with the space to develop as an artist.

Lorraine Dinkel, alumna

The open, modular structure of this study programme coupled with the flexible placement and distribution of the teaching units according to two distinct profiles «allrounder» and «performer», allow students to define their own learning outcomes and take a project-based approach to their studies.

Close collaboration with the Electronic Studio of the Music-Academy (Audio Design programme) is a key part of this broad-based training. Also thanks to the School’s extensive network of external partners, students are able to acquire specific expertise.

The programme also serves as a space for discovery and invention where students delve into the rich heritage of jazz, western music and non-western music musical traditions. This environment of musical inclusion nurtures innovation, forward thinking and tradition in equal measure, and opens up a wealth of opportunities for a flexible profession.

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