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Early Music Renaissance - Romantic instrument/voice

Key data

Master of Arts FHNW in Musikalischer Performance - Studienrichtung Alte Musik Renaissance-Romantik instrumental/ vokal
ECTS points
Start of semester
in autumn
4 semesters
Teaching language
Campus Musik-Akademie Basel
Application fee
200 CHF
Semester fee
700 CHF (CH) | 1000 CHF (EU/EFTA) | 1250 CHF (Not-EU/Not-EFTA) More Fees


The registration window is open from mid of December until the end of January.

Consolidation of instrumental/vocal proficiency and fluency

The Master of Arts in Musical Performance focuses on the intensive engagement with Early Music playing techniques and performance practices, coupled with an in-depth examination of historical source material. As a result, students advance their understanding of the stylistic and aesthetic aspects of music and the need to creatively convey these qualities in contemporary performances.

Course description

This MA builds on the knowledge and skills acquired from the SCB’s Bachelor programme with an instrumental/vocal major. Students who hold a BA in Music from a different music education study programme will follow a special curriculum that comprises key theory-based subjects included in the specialised study programmes offered by the Schola Cantorum Basiliensis.

Achieving the highest level of proficiency as an instrumental/vocal soloist is an important goal of this Master’s programme. Given that ensemble playing is integral to Early Music, the study programme also focuses on nurturing excellent ensemble musicianship. A Master’s thesis provides proof of the candidate’s capacity to deal with a subject in a scholarly and reflective manner.


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