Visit from Ladakh

2. November 2021

The cooperation between HIAL in Ladakh, India and INEB of FHNW in Muttenz is ongoing for over a year now. Finaly Rohit Ranjan our colleague from HIAL has been able to come to Switzerland.

Rohit Ranjan our colleague from HIAL in Ladakh, India has come to Switzerland. He is working together with A. Geissler and M. Hall at INEB of FHNW in Muttenz to learn to simulate the thermal behavior of passive solar heated buildings. Simulation will help to understand and improve the design of such buildings for HIAL and people in Ladakh. This is one goal of this international research project.

One Friday he visited the waste system in Winterthur. The tour started at the waste incineration plant, followed by the big recycling center and several small waste collection/segregation points in the different parts of Winterthur. Rohit was very impressed with the strict waste separation and the large amount of electronic waste.

In the afternoon he visited the wind park of Verenafohren near Schaffhausen. The walk along the transport way of the huge blades showed the difficulties of the logistics of assembling such a large wind turbine (rotor diameter 131 m and the height of the tower is 134 m). Rohit Ranjan was also delighted with the green and colorful forest around the wind turbines. Ladakh is a cold desert with very little vegetation and trees.

The day was finished by enjoying a typical Swiss food!

Klaus Eisele

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