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Master Theses Geomatics

The Master theses comprehensively investigate complex applied research questions related to current geoinformation and geomatics topics. A Master thesis is 30 ECTS credit points and takes place in the 3rd semester if studying full-time.

Master Theses 2024 Spring Semester

MasterForum Sommer24_Titelbild.jpg

  • Interaktive Small Multiple Webkartenansicht
    für die gleichzeitige Darstellung deckungsgleicher Information in der Raumplanung
    Salome Reutimann (Poster, Film)
  • Long-range Probe for Metrology ApplicationsLong-range Probe for Metrology Applications
    Manuel Delavy (Poster, Film)
  • Grenzen des Grundeigentums
    Aurelio Akeret (Poster, Film)