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Admissions examination

Admission practices for students with international credentials

ITB admissions examination

Our admission practices are oriented toward swissuniversities Best Practices. When equivalence to swissuniversities Best Practices cannot be determined, prospective students are required to take an entrance exam.

The admissions examination is conducted by ITB. It is held online and does not require on-site attendance. To ensure that this test is what you need to be admitted to FHNW School of Business please contact our admissions office.

The ITB-test can be taken once per calendar year (not academic year). According to ITB policy a retake of the exam in case of failing the exam is possible in the following calendar year.

 Information about the ITB test (online)

  • Length 2 hours, 60 tasks
  • Test components
    • Quantitative problems: quantitative and math skills
    • Figural problems: reasoning and cognitive skills
    • Text analysis: text comprehension
    • Graphs and tables: data comprehension and interpretation

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Test Dates

  • 24.2.2024
  • 27.4.2024
  • 25.5.2024
  • 29.6.2024
  • 30.11.2024