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18.6.2017 | University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland

FHNW invests in the digital future

The digital revolution is changing the world in all areas of life and work. For institutions of education and research such as FHNW, a crucial issue is the question of how an increasingly digitalised world impacts on how we learn and teach.

In view of this, FHNW has oriented its strategy towards the new challenges and opportunities presented by digital change and is launching the relevant initiatives. “As a university of applied sciences and arts, it is up to us to get involved in shaping these change processes. We’re particularly focusing on digital change with its far-reaching implications for undergraduate and continuing education, as well as the innovative strength of our partners in industry,” says Prof. Crispino Bergamaschi.

In order to make optimum use of the wide-ranging opportunities offered by digital change while not failing to see the risks involved, it is vital to consider technical issues in close association with social, cultural and ethical aspects. Thanks to an application-oriented approach to research and development, FHNW and its partners in industry benefit mutually from the expertise on both sides as well as their regional proximity. Concrete aspirations and needs can be raised and industry partners can be provided with support in using the new technological capabilities. As the digital transformation progresses, not only adapted curricular content is required but also new forms and structures of teaching: after all, knowledge acquisition will be more independent and situation-based in the future, as well as happening to a greater extent via digital networks.