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Oral formulations of chemical drugs

Computational and analytical tools in Pharmaceutics for oral Drug Delivery

The research group of Prof. Kuentz is active in the field of oral dosage forms for mostly poorly water-soluble compounds. A focus is given on lipid-based drug delivery systems as well as solid drug dispersions to target enhanced solubilization and absorption. There are different formulation and process technologies available on a laboratory scale, which include among others, vacuum homogenization, micro particle prilling, hot melt extrusion, and spray drying.

New computer-based and analytical methods support a rational formulation design from molecular drug-excipient interactions to the microstructure of the final dosage form. Digital and analytical imaging approaches provide research tools to facilitate a modern version of Quality by Design for oral dosage forms.


A new dynamic light scattering technique to analyze dispersions

Introduction of a new modulated 3D cross-correlated dynamic light scattering instrument to enable product analytics of aggregating colloids and concentrated ...

to A new dynamic light scattering technique to analyze dispersions

Bio-enabling formulations

Research and development on bio-enabling formulations as part of the EU-project PEARRL

to Bio-enabling formulations


InPharma has the goal of eliminating animals from the development of new oral drug formulations (EU funds MSCA-H2020 EID InPharma)

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Institute for Pharma Technology

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