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23.1.2024 | School of Business

FHNW students develop sustainable cooperation strategies for sports organisations

During Cardiff Week 2023, students in the BSc International Business Management took a deep dive into Welsh sports culture to develop new green strategies for cricket and rugby clubs.

How can Cardiff Rugby Club and Glamorgan Cricket Club cooperate in a manner which would not only be environmentally successful, but also raise the profile of the sporting organisations in Cardiff, the UK and internationally? This assignment was given to our students as they attended Cardiff Week in October 2023 in Wales.

During the packed week, the students examined the socioeconomic dimensions of sports in Cardiff, discovering hyper-localised marketing strategies as well as a rich cultural heritage. As one remarkable highlight, the students were given the opportunity to act as ambassadors for FHNW when they were the guests of Councillor Bablin Molik, the Right Honourable Lord Mayor of Cardiff, who invited them for traditional tea and cake.


Our students were invitedto the Mansion House by Councillor Bablin Molik, the Right Honourable Lord Mayor of Cardiff (photo by Tim Lewis).

At the end of their time in Cardiff, the FHNW students were asked to make their final presentations at the National Sports Centre for Wales. In two groups, they presented their ideas for an environmentally sustainable cooperation between Cardiff Rugby Club and Glamorgan Cricket Club. The jury was impressed with the innovative approaches the students generated and we look forward to seeing them implemented in the future.

We would like to thank Tim Lewis for organising this unique study experience.

About Cardiff Week

The Cardiff Week has become a staple of the degree programme in International Business Management at the FHNW School of Business. Originally designed in the 1980s to accommodate visiting athletes from the USA, it has taken on new life as an academic challenge to students, who have to quickly identify issues of localised cultural significance. They then have to acknowledge and incorporate these findings when presenting a SWOT analysis and marketing plan for a sports organisation or event in Wales.

The Cardiff Week aims to have an impact on its participants beyond the few days they spend in the UK. It is intended to have long term benefits in the way students approach the cultural differences and potential sensitivities of co-workers, clients and the companies they may one day come into contact with.

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