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Four ambassadors visit the FHNW School of Business

As part of the Preparatory Seminar of the International Student Projects in mid-Feburary, the FHNW School of Business welcomed four ambassadors in Olten.

The weeklong Preparatory Seminar lets students prepare for their onsite study tour to various countries at the end of March. In addition, other participants also have the opportunity to learn more about the countries, their cultures and economies from lecturers, companies and ambassadors. Visits by ambassadors Sibi George (Inda), Geng Wenbing (China), Linh Lan Le (Vietnam) and Chakri Srichawana (Thailand) speak to the well-established and well-respected nature of these programmes.

According to ambassador George, India views Switzerland as a longstanding partner, committed to a healthy partnership, including business relations. These relations are supported by universities and projects like Focus India.

Ambassador Geng Wenbing focused on the situation in China following the spread of coronavirus. He regretted that Insight China had to cancel their onsite study tour, but stressed that the students’ interest in China will pay off. He praised the continuity and the dynamism of Insight China. An alternative to the onsite programme is currently being evaluated.

Speaking to exploreASEAN, ambassador Srichawana highlighted that the timing was right for the project to come to Thailand, as all of Asia is a continent on the rise, not just China and India. That is why he supports international projects like exploreASEAN. Ambassador Le further emphasised the opportunity the project offers to students to explore the economy and culture of a dynamic and promising region. The ASEAN organisation comprises a region of 10 member states with a population of 600 million people.

Sibi George (front row, 3rd from the left) with the delegation of Focus India.

Geng Wenbing (centre) with the delegation of Insight China.

Linh Lan Le (centre) with the delegation of exploreASEAN.

Chakri Srichawana (front row, 2nd from the left) with the delegation of exploreASEAN.

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