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27.5.2022 | School of Business

«Personal Improvement was my Goal»

In 2018 Alexander Merz decided to enrol for the Dual Degree MBA FHNW Cross-Cultural Leadership / Edinburgh Business School and graduated in 2021. His motivation: he wanted to further develop and become better in what he was doing.

Alexander works as Industry Technology Specialist for Novozymes Switzerland AG in Aesch, Switzerland. With a master’s degree and his extensive expertise in brewing and beverage technology, he is an expert in his field: “With my technical and scientific background, I was already really good at supporting my clients, but as part of my key account team responsibility, I was lacking the respective business skills.” Consequently, he embarked on the MBA programme, to work on his personal and professional development to eventually be in a better position to support his colleagues and his team.  

He chose the Dual Degree MBA programme due to his work situation and his personal interests.

"I am working in Switzerland, but my colleagues and clients are culturally diverse and working all over the world. Therefore, gaining a better understanding and improving cooperation definitely was of utmost importance."

Alexander Merz, Industry Technology Specialist

A Supportive Employer

His employer was very supportive of Alexander, in terms of understanding, time and funding as well. Certainly, all ongoing work had to be handled, but “my colleagues served as excellent sparring partners. They contributed their experience, and I could discuss the case studies of the study programme with them.” The knowledge acquired over the course of the programme puts Alexander in a position where he is able to strongly contribute to strategic discussions. 

An Amazing Journey

It was a truly amazing journey to be able to connect with other students, all fully motivated and on a similar level in their respective careers, yet with a wide range of different professional and cultural backgrounds. Alexander points out: “At times it was tough to spend the entire Saturday at the campus, but the discussions in the classes and the exchange of ideas, facilitated by the lecturers, were pure joy and mind-blowing. I am also truly grateful for my wife’s full support throughout the programme.”

A Changing Role

Alexander concludes: “I wanted to improve myself in what I am doing, and I still do, but my role has changed.” Today he has shifted from being the purely technical advisor he was before to more of a business advisor. “The last couple of years were truly a period of growth for me, and I can feel the change in my role, especially in terms of responsibilities I am entrusted with.”