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"The Swiss-Asian MBA will increase my network"

Patrick Klotz is a Swiss IT Entrepreneur based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He is participating at FHNW’s newly created Swiss-Asian MBA and sharing his first impressions of the programme.

What differentiates the Swiss-Asian MBA FHNW from other MBA programmes?
The students are from everywhere in the world and it’s an e-learning programme which makes it more flexible. We don’t meet in the class room together, we meet up in the e-room on a weekly basis.

What do you expect from the residential weeks which will be held in Switzerland, Indonesia, Malaysia and China?
It will be exciting to meet the fellow students personally for the first time. Doing e-learning, you can usually hear their voices or see them in videos, but during the residential weeks, we will meet and enjoy the experience more. The fun and the learning curve will be even higher. I am also looking forward to going to these countries to learn from the companies and experiences there.

Interview Patrick Klotz, Swiss-Asian MBA

Do you think your network will increase, although a lot of your learning for the programme is done online?
One of the reasons to join this programme was to broaden my knowledge and to cover whole Asia and Europe. And, yes, the Swiss-Asian MBA will increase my network. There are students from so many different countries and companies. I have learnt a lot from other students already.

Where do you see the advantages of the Swiss-Asian MBA?
It’s for sure the flexibility. I can learn whenever I find the time. For example, when I drive to a customer, I can just go through documents or videos which are shared. That’s a huge advantage.

About the Swiss-Asian MBA

The Swiss-Asian MBA is a tailor-made MBA for executives, entrepreneurs and innovative managers from Europe and Asia. It is based on the existing MBA programme of FHNW, but set-up as a blended learning MBA with rolling intake. The e-learning parts are interactive and combined with residential weeks at renowned universities in Switzerland, Indonesia, Malaysia and China.

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