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Undertaking a semester abroad?

FHNW School of Business students who wish to study abroad are supported by the Swiss European Mobility Programme.

International experience is of great importance for later professional activities. Students who want to gain this experience during their studies have many options open to them. This is because the FHNW School of Business has a strong international network and promotes partnerships around the globe: There are exchange programmes with over 190 universities around the world, plus projects and partnerships with over a dozen other countries.

Swiss European Mobility Programme (SEMP)...

The Swiss programme for Erasmus+ at tertiary level is known as the Swiss-European Mobility Programme (SEMP). SEMP offers Swiss universities and colleges of higher education the opportunity to sponsor students, lecturers and staff as they study, teach and participate in continuing education abroad. Financial support is provided for both outgoing and incoming students who stay abroad for a limited period of time with a partner of their home institution. The partner institution may be in Europe or worldwide.

...for studies

The mobility type "Student Mobility for Studies" permits students in bachelor programmes to complete a study period of at least two months and up to a maximum of twelve months at a partner university abroad. Credits earned abroad are credited toward the student’s course at their own university. Grants are awarded as a lump sum depending on the length of the course.


General requirements...

Certain requirements must be met:

  • An application at the home institution and nomination by the partner university are both mandatory before the start of the stay abroad.
  • Placement of participants at the respective partner institutions is made by the home institution.
  • Students remain enrolled at their home institution during their stay abroad.
  • The extension of a stay is possible in consultation with the participating universities.
  • For sustainable travel with SEMP, students receive a "Greener Travel Top-Up" of CHF 100 if they can prove that they use a means of transport that is low in CO2 emissions.

...and important links

The International Offices of the Schools of the FHNW are responsible for the organisation and implementation of student and staff mobility.