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Winter concert of the series «Vier Jahreszeiten»

Spring - a winter fantasy. The pre-recorded video of the concert is now available here.

The current pandemic is unfortunately not only upsetting our civilian life, but also the seasons - at least as far as our concert series is concerned. The displayed program was originally supposed to be a spring concert in April 2020 and now had to be postponed to winter. But even in January and in the face of contact lockdowns, we like to be reminded that there will be another spring, bringing people together outdoors and into the warmth, with all the newly awakened feelings that the season brings. In fact, we learn to appreciate it all the more after a lockdown.

It is important that music is made and heard, especially in the context of professional teaching. We offer the concert in its current state as a pre-recorded video, broadcast from the newly renovated Kleiner Saal of the Musik-Akademie Basel. The musicians recorded it in close proximity to the release, thus taking the opportunity to tailor the presentation a bit better to the video format. However, it remains a largely uncut presentation.

The Musical Entertainers
Cornelia Fahrion – Voice
Teun Wisse – Recorder
Victor Mériaux – Violoncello
Teun Braken - Harpsichord


Winterkonzert der Reihe "Vier Jahreszeiten"

In Johann Christoph Pepusch's Six English Cantatas (London 1710), for example, we find 'The Spring', a cantata that embraces the positive emotions of nature's bursting forth: 'Fragrant Flora hast appear!' and thus places itself in a long tradition of English-language songs that treat the theme of "spring" in a variety of ways. The program is rounded out by two recorder sonatas that fit beautifully into the character of the season.

With the concert series "Four Seasons", selected ensembles of the Schola Cantorum Basiliensis / Hochschule für Musik FHNW present themselves in the four sponsoring cantons of the University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland: Aargau, Basel-Landschaft, Basel-Stadt and Solothurn. Students and young graduates let the results of their education in music practice and music research be heard in four concerts per year - concerts with living music of the past, from the Middle Ages to Romanticism. In this way, the ensembles give their audiences an impression of the high artistic quality of the training made possible by the four sponsoring cantons.