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Mixed-Signal ASIC Design

Analog sensor-signals are received, amplified, processed, digitized and further processed until they can be passed to a overlying system.

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Mixed-Signal ASIC means the composition oft he competencies from analog and digital circuit technology. In particular this means

  • Circuit design with linear circuits ans "switched capacitor" circuit technology
  • Aanalog to digital conversion with all methods. Our specialty is signal processing of Sigma Delta Systems
  • Mixed-Signal ASIC design and modeling
  • Design of low power circuits
  • Design of high voltage and high current circuits
  • Realization of test procedures, test structures and testpatterns (ATPG - Automatic Test Pattern Generation) for ASICs


Prof. Dr. Hanspeter Schmid, +41 56 202 75 34,

Dr. Alex Huber, +41 56 202 75 18,

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