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Specialisation Entrepreneurship

Act entrepreneurially –  take advantage of market opportunities

In order to start up your own company in an international environment, you need a willingness to take risks, a doer mentality, curiosity, creativity - and solid knowledge of efficient business processes. As an entrepreneur, you will have career opportunities within your own company, or as a valuable employee in small, medium-sized or large company.

You are passionate about...

  • self-employment
  • innovative business models
  • joined-up thinking

Career Opportunities

The Entrepreneurship specialisation will open up the following career roles to you:

  • Founder of start-ups
  • Manager in various industries
  • Management consultant
  • Recruitment consultant
  • Fundraiser

The ideas competition

During your studies, you will have the opportunity to take part in start-up competitions such as the Startup Challenge.

Further information

You want to make a difference and develop your own ideas. You have a wide range of interests. Entrepreneurs systematically search for innovative business ideas, markets and business models for their own company and for their employer. They analyse where they can successfully address a gap in the market and implement their plans in a future-oriented and innovative way.


The learning content is based on current problems. New developments, technologies and theories are continuously incorporated into classwork. The most important content includes:

  • Forms of entrepreneurship
  • Intrapreneurs
  • 7 Element model and Canvas model
  • Models and instruments for entrepreneurial success
  • Analysis of business models
  • Presenting business ideas
  • Evaluating potential for success
  • Preparing a professional business plan


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