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Sponsorship award

Bachelor and master theses are awarded annually by various companies and organisations.

Particularly successful theses (grade 5.5 or higher) can be submitted by students or supervising lecturers to the companies or organisations below.

Organisation Subject area More information
FHNW Institute for Human Resource Management Human Resource Management HRM Arbeit des Jahres (DE)
Entrepreneur Club Leadership and Entrepreneurship Entrepreneur Award (DE)
Interessengemeinschaft Elektronische Medien IGEM Relevant subject to the Swiss advertising market. The commercial aspect of electronic and/or interactive media must be the focus.

Förderpreis IGEM (DE)

Semiramis Research and Service Unit Innsbruck Enterprise Systems

SERES Diploma Thesis Award (DE)

Prix Bartholdi Bachelor thesis of the study Programme International Business Management

Prix Bartholdi (DE)

Migros Bachelor and Master Theses in environment and climate protection

Migros Umweltpreis (DE)

Wüest Partner Master Theses or research work on the Swiss real estate market 


Institut für Finanzdienstleistungen Zug IFZ Bachelor and Master Theses (finance topics)

Swiss Life Studienpreis

Gebert Rüf Stiftung Entrepreneurship / Innovation Management

BREF - First Venturers

Social Media of the FHNW School of Business

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