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Minor in Music Staging and Outreach

Music outreach in cultural, concert and educational settings

This Minor equips students for a wide range of music outreach activities in cultural, concert and education settings.

Music outreach - a profession on the rise

Music outreach is an increasingly popular professional discipline. From concert halls and opera houses to the independent arts scene and schools and schools, music outreach straddles the worlds of culture and education. The development of new performance formats (staged and compèred concerts), educational guides for concerts as well as workshops have emerged in response to growing public demand for new ways of receiving music.

Artistic and pedagogical skills

This Minor focuses on equipping students with the necessary artistic and pedagogical skills (staging/choreographing/verbal and compère training/concert-specific educational tools) and providing them with practice-led exposure to the many different forms that music outreach can take. Expert practitioners share the tools of their trade in introductory seminars. Students can then use and test these approaches in their own projects and during their internships. Intensive exposure to this field enables students to develop their own distinct professional identity.

Hochschule für Musik Basel FHNW

Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz FHNW Hochschule für Musik Basel FHNW Leonhardstrasse 6 4009 Basel
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