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Teaching staff & Instruments Schola Cantorum Basiliensis

The teaching staff and the major-instruments of Schola grouped as follows.

Teaching staff Schola Cantorum Basiliensis


to Accompanists

Brass Instruments

to Brass Instruments

Historical Improvisation

to Historical Improvisation

Keyboard Instruments

to Keyboard Instruments

Medieval Department

to Medieval Department

Plucked String Instruments

to Plucked String Instruments

String Instruments

to String Instruments

Theory, historical and music practical subjects, didactics and management

to Theory, historical and music practical subjects, didactics and management


to Voice

Woodwind Instruments

to Woodwind Instruments

Instruments & Voice as major at Schola Cantorum Basiliensis

As major in Schola the following families of instruments / voice can be studied. The student administration can provide information on instruments not listed.

String instruments Baroque Violin, Viola da gamba, Baroque Violoncello, Violone/Double Bass, Vielle (da braccio and da gamba) a.o.
Wood instruments 
Recorder, Transvers Flute, Historical Oboe, Shawm, Historical Clarinet, Historical Bassoon/Dulcian
Brass instruments Natural Horn, Natural Trumpet, Cornetto, Sackbut/Trombone
Keyboard Instruments Medieval (Organetto, Clavicytherium, Clavicymbalum etc), Harpsichord/Clavichord, Fortepiano, Historical Organ
Plucked String instruments Lute, Historical Harp
Vocal Voice Medieval/Renaissance, Voice Renaissance/Romantic

Telemann_Orpheus © Susanna Drescher_13.jpg        Telemann_Orpheus © Susanna Drescher_16.jpg        Telemann_Orpheus © Susanna Drescher_20.jpg

Telemann_Orpheus © Susanna Drescher_24.jpg

IL MUZIO SCEVOLA © Martin Drescher_22.jpg        IL MUZIO SCEVOLA © Martin Drescher_27.jpg        IL MUZIO SCEVOLA © Martin Drescher_04.jpg

   IL MUZIO SCEVOLA © Martin Drescher_109.jpg         IL MUZIO SCEVOLA © Martin Drescher_21.jpg

IL MUZIO SCEVOLA © Martin Drescher_50.jpg       IL MUZIO SCEVOLA © Martin Drescher_97.jpg

IL MUZIO SCEVOLA © Martin Drescher_36.jpg       IL MUZIO SCEVOLA © Martin Drescher_20.jpg

IL MUZIO SCEVOLA © Martin Drescher_115.jpg