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Staff Exchange

With the Swiss-European Mobility Programme (SEMP) from the National Agency for Exchange and Mobility (MOVETIA) the FHNW Academy of Art and Design supports temporary stays abroad of up to two months for all employees. Effective travel costs and daily rates for accommodation and meals are reimbursed and offer the opportunity to network with foreign universities as well as in the private sector abroad. Best practices and intercultural experiences are thus strengthened. The programme covers exchanges from Switzerland to abroad as well as from abroad to Switzerland.

Interested university staff from abroad who are planning a stay at the HGK FHNW are supported by the Swiss-European Mobility Programme (SEMP). Applications are accepted by the International Office on an ongoing basis. For further information on SEMP conditions, please contact the International Office directly.

If you are an employee of the HGK FHNW and are interested in a stay abroad for teaching, research or continuing education, please contact the International Office for further informations. You can find more information on scholarships abroad here.

Dreispitz Basel / Münchenstein

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