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27.1.2022 | School of Business

“Get out of your comfort zone”

Senat Sefidanoski has a passion for learning and sharing knowledge with people all around the world. He left Macedonia for Switzerland to work and to study in the Master’s programme International Management, where great emphasis is put on economic and digital innovation.

Senat began his career at Swissport International AG. Shortly after he started the Master’s programme, he got promoted into Customer Service. His new position allowed Senat to focus on his interests in communication. At the same time, he used the knowledge and skills he gained at FHNW to further improve himself professionally.

Senat, how would you describe the impact of the Master’s programme in International Management?
The Master’s degree changed my life professionally and personally. It advanced my career, I learned to think differently and I connected with smart people.

What led you to choose FHNW in the first place?
After visiting the campus in Olten, which I really liked, I researched the programme. The interesting modules and international opportunities convinced me. I knew I found the programme that suits me best. I have come to know FHNW as a place of respect, intercultural exchange, support and professionalism.

Senat SefidanoskiWhat were your personal highlights during your studies?
I appreciated that the classes were international and always in a respectful atmosphere. I enjoyed the team projects the most. I met and worked with people from all around the world. Everyone was ready to share their professional thoughts and ideas and together we decided on the best solution for the project. This process helped me to get out of my comfort zone and to change perspective. I started to think more like an entrepreneur.

This change of mindset would not have been possible without my colleagues and professors. People at FHNW are always there to support you. During my studies I built lifelong friendships. It is like having a family.

What opportunities did the programme provide you with?
Only after four months of studying, I got a promotion. In my new job I can incorporate my knowledge and skills. I was able to apply what I learned in the Master’s programme to my work, because it is all related.

What is your key takeaway from your time at FHNW?
Use your time at FHNW to make friends, ask as many questions as possible and get out of your comfort zone. Be open because you can always learn from others. If you keep learning and improving, you will be successful for sure.

Master in International Management

Master in International Management

The programme provides students the opportunity to pursue a career in a globalising world by developing a creative mindset through projects and research.

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