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Microelectronics and communication systems

From self-driving cars through to the Internet of Things, sensors pick up signals, processors process information and systems transmit data. Those who have a solid foundation in microelectronics and information and communication technology are ideally equipped for this world.

Microelectronics and communication systems is a specialisation in the Bachelor of Science in Electrical and Information Technology degree programme.

Invisible, yet present everywhere, sensors can record all possible dimensions. Sensors should be efficient, small, good value and energy saving and be able to transmit their data even without wires if possible. This amplifies the trend toward application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs), specialised signal processing and low-power communication.

This major aims to give you a sound level of knowledge regarding all elements of this electronics, signal and communication world: from the mathematics of signal processing and its implementation in hardware through to implementation of communication electronics and specialities such as the construction of sensor amplifiers, analogue-digital and digital-analogue converters and the functional principle of speaker drives in mobile telephones.

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