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Bok Publishing

We are looking to improve the way children read

Bok publishing improves the way children learn to read, write and articulate themselves. This is achieved by making reading dynamic, engaging, innovative and above all fun.

The product is a series of children’s books, which are accompanied by an app that can record the reader’s voice as they orate the dialogue within the book. Once recorded the app can manipulate and distort the voice to sound like the personified characters within each story. For example, if the child is reading the part of the mouse the app can change the tonality of their voice to increase in pitch and add staccato characteristics, thus mi micking the anthropomorphized personality of the animal.

The app then edits this into a bespoke audio-book, by adding sound effects and foley. This can then be shared across e-mail and social media. To encourage other children to see how their voice will change and how they personally bring the characters to life.

The narrative of the initial series – titled «Bok and Mobi’s adventures» – involves the protagonist Bok exploring different countries, environments and cultures, with his loyal companion Mobi at his side.

Bok is an alien egger to learn about the planet and Mobi is his spaceship, together they encounter interesting animals and people.

In a world of Xbox-games, iPods and personal laptops children have become disenfranchised with the simple book. This has resulted in children struggling to read and connect with the process of learning though reading.

Reading with Bok allows you to read aloud and hear the sounds words make. As well as interact with an app that creates all the silly voices that make stories fun.

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