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Wearable device ensures seamless authentication .

When accessing services, devices or premises the legitimate user needs to authenticate to the service/device/premise, i.e. proving his or her legitimacy. This authentication step is often not seamless, requiring from the user to handle a key or a card, enter a PIN or a password, show a fingerprint or a face.

We propose a change in paradigm

To make this step seamless we propose a change in paradigm where it is not to the end user to prove his or her legitimacy but to a companion device worn by the user.
Worn on the wrist, this wearable device stores all of the relevant owner’s credentials and interacts with existing readers, smart devices, websites and the IoT to authenticate its owner on his or her behalf wherever and whenever needed.

Wrist vein pattern recognition

This wearable device is fully owned by the owner, turning on on his or her wrist only, and turning off immediately when off the wrist.
The magic at work behind the biowatchID band and upcoming product lines has a name: wrist vein pattern recognition. Proprietary and patented technology made in Switzerland.

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